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Katie Dobson

Career Path: Global Senior PR Manager, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty
Location: UK

Describe your current role and responsibilities.Katie Dobson

I currently oversee all PR and influencer marketing global strategies and execution. This includes all tier influencer marketing, events, trips, media/celebrity/artist liaisons, copy-writing, crisis management, creative launch concepts and global and local activity.

Why did you decide to study Fashion Communication at Northumbria?

I think because it was such a diverse degree with real tangible skills that I could see being used in my career. And to be able to link that up with being able to be super-creative was the perfect combination for me.

What are the most useful skills that Fashion Communication taught you?

The main skill it taught me was how to go from having big, sometimes crazy ideas in your mind, into something that others can understand and see working in practice. As it’s all well and good having ideas but if you can’t articulate them or clearly express how real executions could be formed to a brand or company then they are still really just ideas.

Did you get any work experience / internships while studying?

Yes! I did quite a lot actually, I worked at various PR agencies in fashion and beauty, as well as some national supplement magazines and local content creation agencies and brands. I also worked a lot with events companies at London Fashion Week and Graduate Fashion Week.

What is the one piece of advice you would give this year’s graduates?

Make those contacts. The more you speak to people during events and work experience, the more you gain, and industry contacts are invaluable after university.

Describe Fashion Communication in three words:

Visionary yet pragmatic

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