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  • Indonesiaʼs energy transition: Dependency, subsidies and renewables, Wong, R., Dewayanti, A. May 2024, In: Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies
  • How does symbolic commitment strengthen the resilience of sustainability institutions? Exploring the role of bureaucrats in Germany, Finland, and the UK, Wong, R., Heijden, J. Feb 2022, In: Sustainable Development
  • COVID-19 Responses of South Korea as Hybrids of Governance Modes, Lee, S., Wong, R. 17 Sep 2021, In: Frontiers in Public Health
  • Avoidance of conflicts and trade‐offs: A challenge for the policy integration of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Wong, R., Heijden, J. 3 Sep 2019, In: Sustainable Development
  • Balancing Institutions for Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals Through ‘Network Within Hierarchy’, Wong, R. 20 Aug 2019, In: Sustainability
  • What makes a good coordinator for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals?, Wong, R. Nov 2019, In: Journal of Cleaner Production

Philosophy PhD May 01 2020

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