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Author Bio Steph Inpage350Hometown: Wigton, Cumbria
Currently living: Gateshead
Studying: Marketing Management (1st year)
Hobbies: Cooking & Health, Social Media Marketing, Movie Watching, Filming & Editing and Spending Time With Family & Friends
Facts: I'm gluten free, allergic to peas and my favourite accessory is a pair of sunglasses.

So this is me... I'm a tad weird and I'm not really that funny. I take samples from hotel rooms, keep used train tickets and have a mild case of OCD.

I have just started studying Marketing Management at Northumbria University after a 3 year Business course at college. Before that I trained to be a chef, I never thought learning to cook would come in so handy!

The part I enjoy most about creating digital content is the filming and editing process, I love being behind the camera, setting up shots, creating time lapse videos and when it comes to editing, combining these elements, throwing in some slow motion and jump cuts to create something people enjoy watching!

I haven't always known what I wanted to do as a career though, even now I only know what area I would like to work in, I don't know for sure where I'll end up (but I suppose, none of us do, right?) 

Whatever I end up doing, I hope it takes me places, I'd love to travel and document the places I visit, maybe I'll create a YouTube channel and vlog, who knows.

I'm looking forward to sharing content with you and can't wait to read your comments and suggestions for what we should do next!

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