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Accommodation and Living in Amsterdam

In addition to your tuition fees, you should allow enough funds to cover living expenses for the duration of your time in Amsterdam. Find out about the accommodation providers in Amsterdam and check out our quick guide to help you plan your finances for day-to-day life. 

Looking for a place to call home while you study at our Amsterdam Campus? Learn more about the options available below.

Booking Accommodation

Global Sustainable Business Management MSc

Amsterdam is a great city to live in but its housing is severely limited. You must start your search for housing as soon as possible, and this may mean travelling to the city well before term starts.

The options available to you are outlined here.

Postgraduate Students (September 2022 Start)

Postgraduate students starting their course from September 2022 can book their accommodation directly with the accommodation providers in Amsterdam. 

The following options are available:


The Social Hub

Locations: Amsterdam City and Amsterdam West


Student Experience

Locations: Amstel, Minerhaven and NDSM 


NIDO Student

Location: Utrecht 


Undergraduate Students (September 2022 Start)

In partnership with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, we are pleased to offer accommodation at The Social Hub.

To view the accommodation and proceed with a booking, please visit The Social Hub website.


Information about The Social Hub Amsterdam City/West

A student experience with more
The Social Hub offers more than just a student room. You can book for many different time periods and it includes free facilities, the social space to hang out in or quiet places for solo study, and handy extras like city bikes. The Social Hub has great location all over Europe, for anyone interested in more info the full details are below and on the The Social Hub website

What's included
- Your fully furnished room includes large comfy bed, study desk, flat screen TV, private en-suite bathroom. 
- Epic facilities include: free unlimited laundry, fully equipped kitchens, solo study and social spaces, games and chill out spaces, fast Free WiFi, Gym access and bike rental, 24/7 reception and security, monthly cleaning and housekeeping. 
- Fully packed events schedule - business masterclasses, 1-on-1 mentorship, lunch and learn, language classes, community talks and many more.
- Free extras - 3 free nights at any TSH location; 1 free parent's night to show them around; access areas pass to all TSH workspaces.

Join the community

The Social Hub community is now open to everyone and has been around the needs of students like you. Whether you decide to stay there or not you can sign up to join in; it's an inspiring ideas exchange, a place where you can meet and mingle with new friends, exchange experiences, learn things, and upskill. It's run via a series of events, and you can join in online

Get in touch

Email any time at for enquiries regarding Amsterdam City location or for Amsterdam West.

Cost of Living


Food expenditure will take up a large part of your monthly budget. There are a number of low cost supermarkets near both the campus and our accommodation. The city centre has a range of low cost, fresh produce. You can cut the cost on food expenditure if you choose to utilise the markets and cook meals with friends and flatmates.

Food expenses will be under €350 if you cook for yourself and shop carefully.

Amsterdam has a variety of budget friendly places to eat. A one course meal in an inexpensive restaurant will typically be around €18 - €25.


If you’re visiting the Netherlands you should get a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before leaving your home country. The EHIC isn’t a substitute for medical and travel insurance, but it entitles you to state provided medical treatment that may become necessary during your trip. Any treatment provided is on the same terms as Dutch nationals. The EHIC won’t cover medical repatriation, ongoing medical treatment or non-urgent treatment.

You should make sure you have adequate travel insurance for medical help and your possessions, plus accessible funds to cover the cost of any non-urgent medical treatment.

Studying abroad requires specific notification to the EHIC office. Note the special instruction for being part of a UK university course.

Personal Expenses

The amount you budget for personal expenses will depend on your lifestyle and preferences. Amsterdam has a vast array of retail outlets to suit all budgets.

Amsterdam has budget friendly markets and high street shops to high-end department and designer stores and everything in-between! You can find a list of the Top 20 Things to do in Amsterdam here.


Average transportation costs per month are €70 - €100 maximum (unless you live outside of Amsterdam).

If you intend to regularly use public transport use the OV chip card, which is used for trams, buses and metros. The OV chip card will be a more budget friendly option in comparison to buying day tickets.

Utility Bills

Our partner accommodation providers cover many utility bills in the cost, including free Wi-Fi and TV with international channels. Staying with the University's partners will largely reduce your utility expenses! Contact the Accommodation Team to learn more.

If you choose to rent a private room, you can expect to pay per month:

  • Electricity, Gas and Water €100 - €225
  • Household Refuse Tax €25
  • Cable Internet €40
  • Cable Television Packages €17 - €50

You can find more information on utility bills in Amsterdam here.

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