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Mykie | She/They | Undergraduate Content Creator | Film and TV Production BA (Hons)


Hey, I’m Mykie. I take Film and TV Production at Northumbria. I’m an enthusiastic creative – I have a huge variety of interests and influences, so I’ve got like a million hobbies.

Unsurprisingly, I watch films and tv shows a lot. I often do it as a multitasking thing – so maybe as background noise while I’m doing my uni work, or chores around the flat. Outside of my flat, I like to spend time with friends, usually on campus as it’s one thing we all definitely have in common. This means it’s usually at society meets, or getting lunch between classes. I’m Social Secretary for Drama Society - I plan the parties! - so I spend a lot of my free time focusing on that society in particular. But I’m also in GRP – basically D&D society.

I am, without doubt, the worst film buff you’ll ever meet. I haven’t seen enough of the “classics”, but I’ve got a list of dreadful, so-bad-they're-good films if that’s what you’re into. All of my favourites are typically considered low-brow, but what’s the harm in enjoying something simply because you enjoy it?

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