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I completed my undergraduate and MSc studies at UFRGS (Brazil), where I developed initial interest in physiology and exercise applied to ageing, and in 2016 I obtained my PhD investigating physiological interactions between exercise, endothelial cells, and circulating microvesicles at Brunel University London. I then joined UFPel (Brazil) as a postdoctoral fellow, where I worked as a local manager of the HAEL study. In 2018 I took the position of Lecturer in Exercise Physiology at UFRGS, and in 2020 I joined Northumbria University as a Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science. My expertise revolves around physiology applied to exercise, with experience with resistance training, vascular and muscular adaptations to exercise, and endothelial cell work. I am currently focusing my research into the interplay between the human muscular and vascular systems to develop effective strategies for health and performance, with a particular interest in supporting healthy ageing. 

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  • PhD December 15 2016
  • MSc June 07 2013

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