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  • Quantifying the Influence of Snow over Sea Ice Morphology on L-Band Microwave Satellite Observations in the Southern Ocean, Zhou, L., Stroeve, J., Nandan, V., Willatt, R., Xu, S., Zhu, W., Kacimi, S., Arndt, S., Yang, Z. 6 Feb 2024
  • Airborne investigation of quasi-specular Ku-band radar scattering for satellite altimetry over snow-covered Arctic sea ice, Rijke-Thoams, C., Landy, J., Mallett, R., Willatt, R., Tsamados, M., King, J. 21 Sep 2023
  • Airborne Investigation of Quasi-Specular Ku-Band Radar Scattering for Satellite Altimetry Over Snow-Covered Arctic Sea Ice, De Rijke-Thomas, C., Landy, J., Mallett, R., Willatt, R., Tsamados, M., King, J. 2023, In: IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
  • Discrimination of sea ice leads and floes using Deep Learning applied to Sentinel-3 Ocean and Land Colour Instrument (OLCI) imaging spectrometer, Chen, W., Tsamados, M., Willatt, R., Takao, S., Nelson, C., Lawrence, I., Lee, S., Brockley, D., Landy, J., Rijke-Thomas, C., Shirazi, D., Stroeve, J., Francis, A. 15 May 2023, European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2023
  • Retrieval of Snow Depth on Arctic Sea Ice From Surface‐Based, Polarimetric, Dual‐Frequency Radar Altimetry, Willatt, R., Stroeve, J., Nandan, V., Newman, T., Mallett, R., Hendricks, S., Ricker, R., Mead, J., Itkin, P., Tonboe, R., Wagner, D., Spreen, G., Liston, G., Schneebeli, M., Krampe, D., Tsamados, M., Demir, O., Wilkinson, J., Jaggi, M., Zhou, L., Huntemann, M., Raphael, I., Jutila, A., Oggier, M. 28 Oct 2023, In: Geophysical Research Letters
  • Synoptic Variability in Satellite Altimeter‐Derived Radar Freeboard of Arctic Sea Ice, Nab, C., Mallett, R., Gregory, W., Landy, J., Lawrence, I., Willatt, R., Stroeve, J., Tsamados, M. 28 Jan 2023, In: Geophysical Research Letters
  • Wind redistribution of snow impacts the Ka- and Ku-band radar signatures of Arctic sea ice, Nandan, V., Willatt, R., Mallett, R., Stroeve, J., Geldsetzer, T., Scharien, R., Tonboe, R., Yackel, J., Landy, J., Clemens-Sewall, D., Jutila, A., Wagner, D., Krampe, D., Huntemann, M., Mahmud, M., Jensen, D., Newman, T., Hendricks, S., Spreen, G., MacFarlane, A., Schneebeli, M., Mead, J., Ricker, R., Gallagher, M., Duguay, C., Raphael, I., Polashenski, C., Tsamados, M., Matero, I., Hoppmann, M. 2 Jun 2023, In: The Cryosphere
  • Rain on snow (ROS) understudied in sea ice remote sensing: a multi-sensor analysis of ROS during MOSAiC (Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate), Stroeve, J., Nandan, V., Willatt, R., Dadic, R., Rostosky, P., Gallagher, M., Mallett, R., Barrett, A., Hendricks, S., Tonboe, R., McCrystall, M., Serreze, M., Thielke, L., Spreen, G., Newman, T., Yackel, J., Ricker, R., Tsamados, M., MacFarlane, A., Hannula, H., Schneebeli, M. 11 Oct 2022, In: The Cryosphere
  • Sub-kilometre scale distribution of snow depth on Arctic sea ice from Soviet drifting stations, Mallett, R., Stroeve, J., Tsamados, M., Willatt, R., Newman, T., Nandan, V., Landy, J., Itkin, P., Oggier, M., Jaggi, M., Perovich, D. 4 Oct 2022, In: Journal of Glaciology
  • Faster decline and higher variability in the sea ice thickness of the marginal Arctic seas when accounting for dynamic snow cover, Mallett, R., Stroeve, J., Tsamados, M., Landy, J., Willatt, R., Nandan, V., Liston, G. 4 Jun 2021, In: The Cryosphere

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