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Wai Lok Woo 

Group Leader:

Prof. Wai Lok Woo

Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning/deep learning, Data Science, Signal Processing, Smart sensing, Digital Health and wellbeing

 Ammar Belatreche


Dr Ammar Belatreche

Interests: Bio-inspired intelligent systems, machine learning, face detection and recognition, structured and unstructured data analytics, capital markets engineering, image processing and understanding

 Ossama Alshabrawy

Second Deputy:

Dr Ossama Alshabrawy

Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning/deep learning, Digital Health and wellbeing, Wearable Computing, Computational Behaviour Analysis


This research group forms part of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences.

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Research from this group was submitted to REF2021 under UoA 11: Computer Science and Informatics.

To view research papers emanating from this group, please click here to view Northumbria Research Link, our open access repository of research output from Northumbria University.


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We lead an STFC Centre for Doctoral Training in Data Intensive Science, called NUdata, which is a collaboration between Northumbria and Newcastle Universities, STFC, and a portfolio of over 40 industrial partners, including SMEs, large/multinational companies, Government and not-for profit organisations, and international humanitarian organisations.

The Centre for Doctoral Training will train a new generation of PhD students with the skills required to address the data challenges presented by the STFC core-science programme, as well as applying those skills to different sectors of the broader economy. This will be done in an environment that is inclusive and values contributions to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at all levels.

You can find out details of the Centre for Doctoral Training at including details of our 40+ industry partners.

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