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I am Professor in Community Wellbeing in the Department of Social Work, Education and Community Wellbeing and a researcher in the Evolution and Social Cognition team at the Institut Jean Nicod, Paris. 

I study a number of different topics relating to behaviour, cognition, society and health. My current research projects are in one or more of the following areas:

  • Economic and social inequality
  • Trust, cooperation and antisocial behaviour
  • Adversity and aging
  • Hunger and food insecurity
  • Moral and political cognition

My work spans the biological and social sciences. I am also interested more broadly in explanations in the behavioural sciences; in interdisciplinary synthesis; and in open science. Recently I have begun to explore how my work might apply to and support public policy.

In addition to my PURE record, you can download all of my research papers in some form via my website, even if it is not the publisher’s formatted version. You can also find information on the various books I have written and access an introductory R and statistics course I wrote.

I also write a blog on science, and society. 

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Act Now: A vision for a better future and a new social contract, Johnson, M., Dorling, D., Driscoll, J., Hardill, I., Hobbs, C., Johnson, E., Lawson, N., Nadel, J., Nettle, D., Pickett, K., Polanski, Z., Pollock, A., Reed, H., Robson, I., Stark, G., Taylor-Robinson, D., Wilkinson, R. 1 Jul 2024
  • Can the ‘downward spiral’ of material conditions, mental health and faith in government be stopped? Evidence from surveys in ‘red wall’ constituencies, Johnson, M., Johnson, E., Reed, H., Nettle, D. 1 Feb 2024, In: British Journal of Politics and International Relations
  • Gordon Brown wants £3 billion for the ‘austerity generation’. But the UK needs a more enduring solution, Johnson, E., Nettle, D., Johnson, M. 16 May 2024
  • Short-term changes in financial situation have immediate mental health consequences: Implications for social policy, Nettle, D., de Courson, B., Chevallier, C., Johnson, E., Pickett, K., Johnson, M. 3 Jul 2024, In: Social Policy and Administration
  • Short-term changes in financial situation have immediate psychological consequences: The Changing Cost of Living Study, Nettle, D., Chevalier, C., de Courson, B., Johnson, E., Johnson, M., Pickett, K. 3 Jul 2024, In: Social Policy & Administration
  • The health case for basic income, Johnson, E., Johnson, M., Nettle, D., Reed, H., Stark, G. 5 Feb 2024
  • What’s the point of co-production when all your participants agree with you?, Johnson, M., Johnson, E., Hardill, I., Nettle, D. 11 Mar 2024
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