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Executive Coaching

Leaders in organisations have a fundamental responsibility to their people and should continuously invest in their professional development. Our Executive Coaching enables organisations to significantly develop their leaders, their leadership ability and their strategic capability.

Executive Coaching is an intense learning journey that usually lasts for 6 months resulting in sustainable and profound shifts in leadership capability. Newcastle Business School has offered an Executive Coaching Service over ten years and coached over 300 individual leaders and approximately 100 senior teams.

Our experienced and accredited coaches facilitate the exploration of personal needs, motivations, values, skills and thought processes to enable a leader to make significant personal and organisational change.

We carry out research into the field of executive coaching providing the coaches with leading insights into the profession whilst integrating their research into practice.

“The coaching was thought provoking in terms of me. It gave me the opportunity to see where my strengths and weaknesses lie as a leader and where I need to develop. I now recognise the type of leader I am. I have a better understanding of what I was doing unconsciously. It has been a real eye opener.”

“Where else would you have the opportunity on a one to one basis to talk with absolute confidence about areas where you may have concerns or may not have even thought about? After the second session I came away thinking this is the most productive time I had ever spent with someone. With the greatest sincerity I can say it was a fantastic experience.”

“This has been a life changing experience. The depth of intrapersonal awareness I have gained is an essential component of being a leader. It has been challenging but profound.”

“It’s the most useful management development process that I’ve ever been through and I thank you for that because actually I’m a different person and I’m a different practitioner now and it’s far easier for me now to sit down and say to myself at the end of the day ‘hey was that really the best way to do that?’ And I’ll now do things differently”

“Massively valuable it’s been to me as an individual, particularly for setting me up for the changes that are currently happening, to be able to go into a Board meeting comfortably”

“I feel more confident, I feel more inspired, I feel tired sometimes because it’s very busy but it – overall it feels like I’m more engaged with the business”

“I’ll now be the sort of person and the sort of leader I want to be”

“Not learning leadership from a textbook or a description of how someone else leads, but getting in touch with your value base, what it is that you regard as important and critical to you and your life and leading people through change, setting direction based on what it is that is important to you and, and by, by having that sense of value and by having that touchstone”

“Now always acting in a way that is true to your own internal beliefs and values so that what you then do is a very natural way of behaving and a very empowered way of behaving because it comes from something that’s really deep within you, rather than it being something that you’re putting on because you’re in that role,– a way of going about things that’s very deep and very true to who you are”

“I think it’s just about being so much more aware of me but that’s me the whole me. So me in terms of how I personally react to things, me in terms of how I know that reaction then impacts differently on other people [ ] so it’s about knowing much more about me”

“I carry a sort of angel on my shoulder reminding me of certain ways of acting”

“It will be with me, as a touchstone now, it will be with me for the rest of my life and it should’ve happened much earlier, I think that’s a kind of regret, why didn’t I have the opportunity to have that earlier?”

If you are interested in executive coaching for your organisation complete our online enquiry form and our team will be in touch. 

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