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  • Molecular subtypes of Adenovirus-associated acute respiratory infection outbreak in children in Northern Vietnam and risk factors of more severe cases, Nguyen, D., Phung, L., Thanh Tran, H., Ly, H., Vo, A., Dinh, N., Doan, P., Nguyen, A., Dang, L., Doan, T., Pham, K., Pham, H., Hoang, D., Pham, T., Tran, B., Tran, T., Le, H., Pham, A., Antoniou, A., Ho, N. 7 Nov 2023, In: PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases
  • Intrinsic Folding Properties of the HLA-B27 Heavy Chain Revealed by Single Chain Trimer Versions of Peptide-Loaded Class I Major Histocompatibility Complex Molecules, Lenart, I., Truong, L., Nguyen, D., Rasiukienė, O., Tsao, E., Armstrong, J., Kumar, P., Mchugh, K., Pereira, B., Maan, B., Garstka, M., Bowness, P., Blake, N., Powis, S., Gould, K., Nesbeth, D., Antoniou, A. 25 Jul 2022, In: Frontiers in Immunology
  • Salmonella Exhibit Altered Cellular Localization in the Presence of HLA-B27 and Codistribute with Endo-Reticular Membrane, Kriston-Vizi, J., Lenart, I., Iwawaki, T., Gould, K., Nesbeth, D., Powis, S., Antoniou, A. 16 Sep 2022, In: Journal of Immunology Research
  • High-content screening image dataset and quantitative image analysis of Salmonella infected human cells, Antoniou, A., Powis, S., Kriston-Vizi, J. 16 Dec 2019, In: BMC Research Notes
  • Measuring Synthesis and Degradation of MHC Class I Molecules, Powis, S., Antoniou, A. 31 May 2019, Antigen Processing, New York, Humana Press
  • Salmonella exploits HLA-B27 and host unfolded protein responses to promote intracellular replication, Antoniou, A., Lenart, I., Kriston-vizi, J., Iwawaki, T., Turmaine, M., Mchugh, K., Ali, S., Blake, N., Bowness, P., Bajaj-elliott, M., Gould, K., Nesbeth, D., Powis, S. Jan 2019, In: Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases
  • Senescent cells evade immune clearance via HLA-E-mediated NK and CD8+ T cell inhibition, Pereira, B., Devine, O., Vukmanovic-Stejic, M., Chambers, E., Subramanian, P., Patel, N., Virasami, A., Sebire, N., Kinsler, V., Valdovinos, A., LeSaux, C., Passos, J., Antoniou, A., Rustin, M., Campisi, J., Akbar, A. 1 Dec 2019, In: Nature Communications
  • Polymorphisms in the F Pocket of HLA-B27 Subtypes Strongly Affect Assembly, Chaperone Interactions, and Heavy-Chain Misfolding, Guiliano, D., North, H., Panayoitou, E., Campbell, E., Mchugh, K., Cooke, F., Silvestre, M., Bowness, P., Powis, S., Antoniou, A. 1 Mar 2017, In: Arthritis & Rheumatology
  • Targeting HLA-B27 Misfolding as a Potential Therapeutic Treatment of Ankylosying spondylitis, Antoniou, A. 2 Jun 2017, In: Novel Techniques in Bone Arthritis & Development Research
  • The major histocompatibility complex class I immunopeptidome of extracellular vesicles, Synowsky, S., Shirran, S., Cooke, F., Antoniou, A., Botting, C., Powis, S. 13 Oct 2017, In: Journal of Biological Chemistry

Dinh Dung Nguyen Targeted modification of Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) class I molecules via CRISPR-Cas9 Start Date: 01/11/2018 End Date: 27/01/2023

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