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I am a quantitative physical geographer, interested in the interactions between earth surface processes and topography.  My current research interests can be organised into the following three inter-related categories landslide hazard and risk mapping, participatory mapping and geomorphological, environmental and digital terrain modelling.  

I am currently a Research Fellow on the Global Challenges Research Fund Sajag-Nepal: Preparedness and planning for the mountain hazard and risk chain in Nepal project working with Dr. Katie Oven and Dr Amy Johnson here in Northumbria and with a large interdisciplinary team of social and physical scientists and anthropologists in Nepal, the UK, Canada, and New Zealand.  Within this large project I am both examining shifting patterns of hazard and risk but also our approaches to mapping exposure to these cascading hazard systems.

Before joining Northumbria in January 2023 I worked as a PDRA at Durham University on the following projects:

  • Participatory approaches to make big data on disaster risk accessible to local-level decision makers. UKRI Participatory Research funding.
  • Risk-Informed Landslide Management in Nepal's Hill Areas. EU ECHO HIP
  • Earthquake triggered landsliding in Nepal. NERC / DFID SHEAR
Areas of Interest
  • Landslide hazard and risk
  • Participatory mapping
  • Digital terrain models

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Detection of slow‐moving landslides through automated monitoring of surface deformation using Sentinel‐2 satellite imagery, Van Wyk de Vries, M., Arrell, K., Basyal, G., Densmore, A., Dunant, A., Harvey, E., Jimee, G., Kincey, M., Li, S., Singh Pujara, D., Shrestha, R., Rosser, N., Dadson, S. 30 Mar 2024, In: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
  • National‐Scale Rainfall‐Triggered Landslide Susceptibility and Exposure in Nepal, Kincey, M., Rosser, N., Swirad, Z., Robinson, T., Shrestha, R., Pujara, D., Basyal, G., Densmore, A., Arrell, K., Oven, K., Dunant, A. Feb 2024, In: Earth's Future
  • Spectral filtering as a method of visualising and removing striped artefacts in digital elevation data, Arrell, K., Wise, S., Wood, J., Donoghue, D. 2008, In: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
  • A Fuzzy K-means Classification of the natural landforms in Snowdonia, Wales, Arrell, K., Fisher, P., Tate, N., Bastin, L. Oct 2007, In: Computers and Geosciences

  • Geography PhD August 31 2004
  • Geography MSc July 31 2000
  • BSc (Hons) July 31 1999

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