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International Symposium on Verification and Validation of Cryospheric Models


Northumbria University

IGS 2024 Symposium logo image of mountains reflected on ice

International Symposium on Verification and Validation of Cryospheric Models

Bringing Data and Models Together

4th - 9th August 2024, Newcastle, UK

Cryospheric models that simulate land and sea ice dynamics, snow physics and permafrost processes have become mainstream tools to assess the past, present and future state of the Earth’s frozen landscapes. In combination with observational data, they provide a powerful, physics-constrained method to address some of Earth Science’s most pressing questions. They form the backbone of sea-level rise projections, they underpin freshwater budget estimates of the world’s glaciated mountain regions and oceans, and they are dynamically integrated with other components of the global climate system. The continued development, calibration and validation of cryospheric models should therefore remain at the forefront of ongoing research. This symposium will invite contributions by the international research community on a wide range of topics in the field of cryospheric model verification and validation, covering a range of different length and timescales. We invite contributions relating to numerical model developments, process-based studies, and/or novel observational products.The focus of the symposium will be on improving numerical models and their interactions with the climate system, although cross-cutting interdisciplinary contributions are invited from a range of topics to be shared in due course. 

Further detail is available in the First Circular and Second Circular. 

The symposium is hosted by The Future of Ice on Earth Peak of Research Excellence in conjunction with International Glaciological Society.

Please use #IGSNorthumbria2024 when sharing information about the symposium.

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Northumbria University
Business & Law Building
City Campus East 1
Newcastle upon Tyne


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