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Dr Qian main research interests are in Subway Climatology, Air Quality, Sustainable Building and Microclimate, Low Carbon Thermal Technology, Building Performance Simulation and Numerical Modelling.


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  • Comparative Analysis of CIBSE Admittance and ASHRAE Radiant Time Series Cooling Load Models, Hepple, R., Yang, S., Khattak, S., Qian, Z., Prasad, D. 29 May 2022, In: CivilEng
  • Design for Sustainability: An approach based on the integration of BIM and Building Performance Analysis, Malleshappa, G., Gbadamosi, A., Qian, Z., Feng, H., Oluwayemi, B. 1 Sep 2022, The Eighth International SEEDS Conference 2022
  • Spray and engine performance of Cerium Oxide nanopowder and carbon nanotubes modified alternative fuel, Zhang, Z., Lu, Y., Qian, Z., Roskilly, T. 15 Jul 2022, In: Fuel
  • An assessment of Horlock's approximate analysis of feed and district heating cycles for steam and CHP plant, Qian, Z., Agnew, B. 1 May 2021, In: Thermal Science and Engineering Progress
  • An Investigation of Ventilation Dynamics in an Underground Station, Qian, Z. 14 Sep 2020, CIBSE ASHRAE Technical Symposium 2020
  • Refurbishment options to decarbonise a 1960s public office building by 2050s, Ng, B., Tindall, J., Edge, J., Morrell, J., Tioh, D., Choi, K., Du, H., Wei, S., Waggott, A., Barber, A., Keating, M., Walker, S., Qian, Z. 12 Apr 2018, CIBSE Technical Symposium 2018
  • Validating the performance of a Double Skin Facade in winter in a hot arid climate, Qian, Z., Hamza, N. 2016, International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture
  • A11 Towards an integrated evaluation of the effects on health from smoke or toxic gas dispersion in the evacuation of subway tunnels, Qian, Z., Charlton, J., Agnew, B., Thompson, E. 1 Jun 2015, In: Journal of Transport and Health
  • Users’ Behaviours and Preferences for Low Carbon Homes: lessons for predicting energy demand, Hamza, N., Qian, Z. 7 Dec 2015, 14th International Conference of the International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA)
  • Propagation of tracer gas in a subway station controlled by natural ventilation, Spiegel, J., Brüne, M., Dering, N., Pflitsch, A., Qian, Z., Agnew, B., Paliacin, R., Irving, M. 27 Dec 2014, In: Journal of Heat Island Institute International

Leila Pasandi Developing a methodology to measure and optimise the impacts of climate change on urban building environment Start Date: 01/10/2022


  • Best Academic Research Award on the Rail Category at 6th European Transport Research Conference at Warsaw, Poland. 18th-21st April 2016.
  • Second prize at Railway Division Young Engineers Presentation Competition 2015 The Institution of Mechanical Engineers, UK. 14th January 2015.
  • Second prize for Best Academic Presentation competition at Next Generation Rail Conference, Coventry, UK. 1st-3rd July 2015.

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