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Richard joined Northumbria University in 2024, after 19 years at The University of Queensland, Australia, before which he enjoyed an 18-year career as a chef. Specialising in service work and employment, his projects have investigated the tourism, hospitality, leisure, transport, retail and welfare/social service sector contexts in the formal, gig and grey economies. His research has been funded by fellowships, competitive research grants, corporations, not-for-profits, industry peak bodies, government, and international agencies - and explores themes such as fair, safe and sustainable work, mental health and wellbeing, careers and vocations, and skills, training and development. Richard has lead undergraduate and postgraduate courses in operations, management, critical studies and professional development. His teaching and learning expertise and scholarship are recognized by awards and advisory appointments at state, national and international levels. Richard has held university leadership positions in higher degree research portfolios and in community with an internationally confederated charity. He currently holds a three-year Vice Chancellor Fellowship with Northumbria University

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  • A Sustainable Tourism Workforce: Current issues, Mooney, S., Robinson, R., Solnet, D., Baum, T. 15 Feb 2024
  • Commensality research in commercial hospitality: A systematic review, Oren, O., Arcodia, C., Robinson, R., Novais, M. 1 Feb 2024, In: International Journal of Hospitality Management
  • ‘Commensal scenes’: Problematizing presence in restaurants in the digital age, Oren, O., Robinson, R., Novais, M., Arcodia, C. 21 May 2024, In: International Journal of Hospitality Management
  • Employee resilience during crisis: A three-tiered perspective on its ‘can-do’ and ‘reason-to’ motivational factors, Robinson, R., Yan, H., Jiang, Y. 4 Mar 2024, In: Tourism Management
  • Introduction: A critical review of sustainable work and employment in tourism, Mooney, S., Robinson, R., Solnet, D., Baum, T. 15 Feb 2024, A Sustainable Tourism Workforce , Abingdon, Routledge
  • Seeking justice beyond the platform economy: migrant workers navigating precarious lives, Riordan, T., Robinson, R., Hoffstaedter, G. 15 Feb 2024, A Sustainable Tourism Workforce, Abingdon, Routledge
  • A review of research into tourism work and employment: Launching the Annals of Tourism Research curated collection on tourism work and employment, Ladkin, A., Mooney, S., Solnet, D., Baum, T., Robinson, R., Yan, H. 1 May 2023, In: Annals of Tourism Research
  • Food Involvement, Sustainable Practices, and Travel Intent: Moral Tensions?, Robinson, R., Andersson, T., Getz, D., Vujicic, S., Ottenbacher, M. 7 Feb 2023, In: Journal of Gastronomy and Tourism
  • From Hostels to Hotels: An Empirical Study of Brisbane’s Innovative Homelessness Response, Sharma, N., Stambe, R., Ablaza, C., Parsell, C., Robinson, R., Plage, S., Kuskoff, E. 17 Jul 2023
  • Increases in income-support payments reduce the demand for charity: A difference-in-difference analysis of charitable-assistance data from Australia over the COVID-19 pandemic, Ablaza, C., Perales, F., Parsell, C., Middlebrook, N., Robinson, R., Kuskoff, E., Plage, S. 12 Jul 2023, In: PLoS One

  • Tourism PhD July 30 2011
  • Business andManagement Studies Advanced Diploma July 30 2004
  • Humanities BA September 30 1998
  • Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training
  • Certificate IV Professional Cookery Qualified Chef

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