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My research output is primarily films and moving image artworks. My research interests are focused on media saturated, consumer driven everyday environments – set within public, institutional and domestic structures - and how they notions of identity and belonging, and, in turn, conditions behaviour and interaction. Themes explored are unspoken social protocols, professional/personal interaction and the muted catharsis of the everyday. 

I employ a creative practice led methodology that employs both documentary and fiction conventions to generate new narratives, and in the process of doing so, to interrogate established screen-based formats and film production methodologies. 

Recent projects include: 

InterPlay (2021 - ongoing) is a body of research and works supported by Arts Council England’s Develop Your Creative Practice award. The project sought to explore the application of applied theatre techniques within corporate management training using it both to generate a narrative structure and dramatic content. The text piece InterPlay (Situation room updates) was presented as part of Dark Matter at Workplace Foundation.  

diem (2019) is an experimental observational documentary developed and produced through Connect/Exchange, a residency programme instigated by Northern Film & Media and hosted by Chapter Arts in Cardiff. The film explores the idea of institution; the individuals that operate within them and the architectural space they occupy. Exploring a wide range of institutions including civic, legal, educational, and third sector. The film is not narrated but takes an observational documentary approach to capture the unwritten structures of an institution and the non-verbal interactions, seeking out the poetic in the seemingly ordinary and mundane. 

Rules of Engagement (2018) is a narrative short film based on real experiences. The film consists of three vignettes depicting everyday scenarios wherein individuals come up against unwritten or tacit social protocols. The film first screened during a national tour of screenings and talks including Regent Street Cinema (London), CCA (Glasgow), Tyneside Cinema (Newcastle-upon-Tyne). Since the premiere, the work has publicly shown nationally and internationally, including Innsbruck International Contemporary Biennial of the Arts in Austria 2020. The project received funds from Arts Council England and NICAP (Newcastle University Institute for Creative Arts Practice). 

Parallel (2017) Parallel is an experimental short film. The project sought to reflect upon connections between the North East of England and West Sweden through a televisual and cinematic exchange whereby scenes from television and cinema were transposed and reimagined in the opposite location. The work was presented part of the exhibition Somewhere Becoming Sea, curated by Film & Video Umbrella at Humberside Gallery and Hull City of Culture. 

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  • Bad News: Film and Critical Statement, Stenbom, C., Young, B. 29 Jun 2023, In: Screenworks
  • Bad News, Stenbom, C., Young, B., Gardner, N., Elliott, A., Dellow, J., Connolly, M., Dalesman, E., Ludbrook, A., Eyres, J., Gibson, C., O'Hare, D. 23 Jan 2023
  • ‘Lacking’ subjects: challenging the construction of the ‘empowered’ graduate in museum, gallery and heritage studies, Coffield, E., Markham, K., Crosby, J., Stenbom, C., Antoniou, M. 1 Apr 2023, In: Arts and Humanities in Higher Education
  • Radio off, Stenbom, C. 17 Feb 2023
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  • Rules of Engagement, Stenbom, C. 31 Jan 2018
  • Parallel, Stenbom, C. 26 Aug 2016
  • In Waiting, Stenbom, C. 8 Nov 2014

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  • Other: Switch 2023 2023
  • Other: Radio Off 2023
  • Other: London Short Film Festival 2023 - Cues for The Inbetween 2023
  • Visiting an external academic institution: University of Gothenburg 2022
  • Other: Dark Matter 2021
  • Invited talk: Mapping Gateshead: Past Creative and Cultural Landscapes 2021
  • Other: Reel People - interview for podcast 2020
  • Other: Human Capital Innsbruck International Biennale for the Arts 2020
  • Other: Everything must go: part 2 2019
  • Other: London Short Film Festival 2019

Art PhD July 23 2019

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