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  • Disability and the Academic Job Market ed. by Chris McGunnigle (review), Wilde, A. 6 May 2024, In: Journal of Literary and Cultural Disability Studies
  • Exploring the effectiveness of media in communicating public health messages to people with learning disabilities during the pandemic, Macdonald, S., Wilde, A. 2 Apr 2024, In: Disability and Society
  • Gender, feminism and the project of critical disability studies (CDS), Wilde, A., Fish, R. 12 Jan 2024, In: Disability and Society
  • Better off Dead?: Liz Carr documentary puts disabled voices at the centre of the assisted dying debate, Wilde, A. 3 Jun 2024
  • Barbieland revisited – taking a disability perspective on Warner Bros’ blockbuster, Wilde, A. 2 Aug 2023
  • Best Interests, Wilde, A. 7 Jul 2023
  • Best Interests: BBC drama that attempts to confront moral dilemmas, Wilde, A. 7 Aug 2023
  • Carol Thomas, 1989-2022: An appreciation of the Life of Carol Thomas, Wilde, A., Fish, R. 25 Jul 2023
  • Communications on COVID-19, and the experiences of people with learning disabilities and autistic people, Wilde, A., Steward, R. 11 May 2023, NNDR 16th Research Conference
  • COVID-19 communications and the experiences of autistic people, Wilde, A., Steward, R. 14 Apr 2023, BSA Annual Conference 2023, Durham, British Sociological Association

  • Sociology PhD May 22 2004
  • Cultural Studies MA December 04 1991
  • Social Studies/Science BA (Hons) July 04 1990

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