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  • Brand Engagement on social media and its Impact on brand equity in Higher Education: Integrating the social identity perspective, Perera, C., Nguyen, L., Nayak, R. 4 Dec 2023, In: International Journal of Educational Management
  • Exploring the Challenges in Developing and Managing Digital Agility Among Sri Lankan Family Business Owners During the Economic Crisis Situation, Jayawardena, N., Chavali, K., Dewasiri, N., Perera, C., Koswatte, I., Pereira, V., Gupta, M., Mardani, A. 24 Jul 2023, In: Journal of Global Information Management
  • The impact of social media marketing and brand credibility on Higher Education Institutes’ brand equity in emerging countries, Withanage, C., Nayak, R., Nguyen, L. 17 Nov 2023, In: Journal of Marketing Communications
  • Social Media Marketing and Customer-Based Brand Equity for Higher Educational Institutions: Case of Vietnam and Sri Lanka, Perera, C., Nayak, R., Nguyen, L. 1 Oct 2022

Philosophy PhD August 05 2021

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