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Clare's current research projects include: 

The role of coerced debt in domestic abuse contexts in Britain - this project is funded by the British Academy and uses semi-structured interviews with survivors of coerced debt, domestic abuse advocates, criminal and civil justice professionals, creditors and financial advisers to examine: (1) the occurrence of coerced debt in the context of domestic abuse; (2) survivors’ experiences of coerced debt and the consequences it has for their lives; (3) the links between coerced debt and other forms of domestic abuse; and (4) legal and financial responses to coerced debt in Britain. A feminist political economy framework guides this study, drawing attention to issues of structural gender inequality, economic insecurity, neoliberal reform, austerity and debt. 

Civil compensation claims for sexual violence - this project explores the benefits and limitations of civil law as a response to sexual violence in the UK. The research team are interviewing civil lawyers about (1) the nature and extent of civil cases for compensation brought by survivors of sexual violence; (2) access and barriers to the legal process and procedural legal problems; (3) the relationship between the civil and criminal legal systems in practice; and (4) their experiences of representing clients who may experience ongoing effects of trauma.

Pedestrian underpasses in Newcastle upon Tyne: safety, design and management - this project uses archival research, an online survey and interviews to explore people's experiences of pedestrian underpasses in Newcastle upon Tyne. Clare is particularly interested in gendered experiences of the underpasses.

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  • Trauma-informed lawyering in the context of civil claims for sexual violence, Godden-Rasul, N., Wiper, C. 1 Jun 2024, In: Journal of Law and Society
  • Sensory criminology, social identities and public space: encounters with pedestrian underpasses in Newcastle upon Tyne, Cook, I., Wiper, C., Smith, M. 15 Dec 2023, In: Criminological Encounters
  • Violence Against Women and Girls: Feminist Activism and Resistance, Wiper, C., Lewis, R. 2020, Victimology, Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan
  • Online/Offline Continuities: Exploring Misogyny and Hate in Online Abuse of Feminists, Rowe, M., Lewis, R., Wiper, C. 10 May 2019, Online Othering: Exploring Digital Violence and Discrimination on the Web, London, Palgrave Macmillan
  • Misogyny Online: Extending the boundaries of Hate Crime, Rowe, M., Lewis, R., Wiper, C. Oct 2018, In: Journal of Gender-Based Violence
  • Online abuse of feminists as an emerging form of violence against women and girls, Lewis, R., Rowe, M., Wiper, C. Oct 2017, In: British Journal of Criminology

Emily Taylor Police officers’ perceptions, experiences, and attitudes towards policing image-based sexual abuse. Start Date: 19/10/2022

  • Criminology PhD June 01 2018
  • Criminology PhD June 01 2012
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy FHEA

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