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Interdisciplinary Research Theme

Caption: The faction of biohybrid materials through sensing, actuation, synthesis and form. Source: Living Construction research group.

Petroleum provides the majority of the world's energy and fuel requirements, accounting for approximately 90% of global transportation needs. As a fossil fuel though, it is a finite resource and contributes to pollution and climate change. Cost-effective, viable alternatives are crucially needed to replace the use of petroleum on a large scale. Transitioning away from a petroleum society requires the creation of a competitive, innovative and sustainable bio-based economy.

BioFutures explores and exploits molecular biosystems to develop transformative solutions for a more sustainable and healthy society. It will provide a unique, interdisciplinary platform to connect businesses and industries in developing and using molecular bio-based technologies to contribute to an economically and environmentally sustainable society. These will help to tackle global challenges and create opportunities in chemicals, energy and fuel production, materials, health and the environment. The BioFutures IDRT works across departments to bring researchers from different faculties, particularly from the recently formed Peaks of Excellence, together to achieve truly interdisciplinary research and innovation. The BioFutures IDRT operates as a dynamic and fertile space to cultivate and test collaborations and ideas.

BioFutures Current Core Aspects:

  • AI for biological systems
  • Sustainable materials
  • Novel fabrication through biology
  • Health technology innovation
  • Smart wearables
  • Waste valorisation*
  • Biocatalysis and Bioprocesses
  • Digital fabrication of biohybrid materials

Theme Leads

Professor Martyn Dade-Robertson

Dr Meng Zhang

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*any industrial processing activity that aims to reuse, recycle or compost waste materials so that they are transformed into useful products or sources of energy

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