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Civil Engineering Heritage and Future

Civil Engineering Heritage & Future conduct high-quality research into Ancient Water systems, Sustainable Materials for Construction and Repair, Transport Infrastructure, Earth and Rock Slope Monitoring, Infrastructure Sensing and Imaging, and Structures and Materials (concrete, steel, timber, aluminium and composite structures). We use new, multi-disciplinary techniques to understand, interpret and conserve existing engineering and to establish how we create and sustain resilient infrastructures for the future. 

We use modern thought and techniques to understand, interpret and conserve existing engineering achievements, both ancient and recent, and use this understanding to determine how we create, sustain and value resilient civil engineering infrastructure for the future.

Follow us and tweet us on Twitter @NorthumbriaCEHF 

Contact: Keerthan Poologanathan, Giovanni Pesce or Faheem Malik

This research group forms part of the Department of Mechanical and Construction Engineering and Department of Architecture and Built Environment.

This group is a part of the University’s multi-disciplinary research into the theme of Future Engineering.

Research from this group will be submitted to REF2021 under UoA 12: Engineering

To view research papers emanating from this group, please click here to view Northumbria Research Link, our open access repository of research output from Northumbria University.

Click here to view the current PhD Projects.

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