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For academically able students from low-income backgrounds, the biggest worry isn’t achieving the grades they need to secure a place at Northumbria, but how they’ll afford to study and make the most of their university experience.

At Northumbria we provide scholarships to remove financial barriers to achieving a university degree. Students use this support to help fund their tuition fees, living costs, field trips, specialist equipment, travel, and experiential learning opportunities.

How can you help?

Approximately 40% of our students are from under-represented backgrounds, and 65% are from North-East England where school attainment and routes into Higher Education are the lowest in the UK.

Fear of tuition fee debt and lessening access to wider finance to support living costs, often means that students from under-represented backgrounds are less likely to consider university as a choice. Supporting a student with a scholarship to study at foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate level provides crucial assistance with living costs.  It can also reduce the over reliance on part-time work, allowing students to focus on their studies, participate in extra-curricular activities and undertake work-related learning.

  • £1,333 will support a foundation or undergraduate student with a scholarship for one year; (with a £4,000 pledge over 3 years)
  • £9,825 will support a postgraduate taught student for one year; and
  • £15,000 will support a postgraduate research student for one year.

Northumbria is a research-rich, business-focused, professional university with a global reputation for academic excellence. We conduct ground-breaking, impactful research that is responsive to the needs of individuals and communities within the areas of science & technology, health & well-being, and economic, social & cultural development.

Northumbria University is in the Times Higher Education UK top 30 for research power, based on the results of the most recent Research Excellence Framework. Additionally, we are ranked among world’s top 150 universities aged 50 years or under, according to the 2023 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

With your support, we can:

  • Enable more staff to produce high quality research that addresses global challenges and contributes to regional, national, and international priorities.
  • Increase the number of funded PhD studentships that we offer, with the aim of attracting exceptional applicants worldwide.
  • Provide a broad, welcoming, and supportive research experience that allows staff and students to explore and achieve their full potential, regardless of background.
  • More closely integrate our education and research so we deliver research-enriched education that empowers our students to realise their ambitions and make a powerful contribution to regional, societal, and global challenges within their future careers.
  • Expand our partnerships with businesses, cultural organisations, government, and institutions around the world to leverage the impact of research to address economic and societal issues as well as the urgent global challenges.

To recognise your support, the University will work with you to choose a name for your scholarship. You can select the discipline closest to your degree or business interest, or we can provide advice on where there is the greatest need.

Donations can be made as a single payment or in instalments.

Through tax effective charitable giving, you can claim back the difference between the higher rates of tax and the basic rate on the total value of your donation. For example, if you pay tax at the 40% rate, a donation of £1,600 (+ Gift Aid = £2,000) allows you to recover £400, so the donation costs you £1,200 net, and Northumbria University receives £2,000.

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