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Clean Water and Sanitation

Our research addresses key water governance issues, such as transboundary water cooperation projects and the socio-economic impact of dam building in Southeast Asia. Operationally we have seen excellent results in water-efficiency measures on campus, and support access to drinking water here and abroad. 

In the Spotlight: Water Governance in the Mekong Delta

Delta environments provide food, livelihoods and homes to millions of people around the world.  Socio-economic change, major infrastructural interventions and manifestations of climate change can result in dramatic changes to these environments, including flooding from changing weather and impacts arising from the building of large hydropower dams. Research undertaken at Northumbria, focuses on such challenges especially within South East Asia. It aims to develop more effective flood planning and response by bridging local and scientific knowledge and integrating modelling and social data. It also looks at impacts of dam developments on marginalised communities and examines how decision-making policy can address this.

At a Glance: From Our Research to Our Operations

  • The Centre for International Development carries out empirical investigations of the potential for Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in the Mekong Delta.
  • Professor Rieu-Clarke (Chair in Law in Northumbria's School of Law) is a legal advisor to the UNECE, one of the UN agencies responsible for the implementation of the SDGs, and has been involved in a number of transboundary water cooperation projects.
  • Our campus catering provider, Chartwells, has a partnership with Life Water to support communities in need of clean drinking water by funding wells through Life Water purchases.
  • Water fountains are available throughout the campus to encourage bottle refills and reduce use of single-use plastic bottles. Locations can be found on the Refill app.
  • We have a leak detection and repair process in place to minimise water waste on campus, saving millions of litres of water to date.
  • We have incorporated rainwater harvesting methods in a number of buildings across our campus (view our Sustainable Campus Map).
  • We have teaching expertise in the fields of international development, offering courses including MSc International Development and MSc Disaster Management and Sustainable Development.

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