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Green Zone

Green Zone – More than just an allotment!

Garden with a lawn, trees and benches, surrounded by buildingsEllison Terrace garden is a beautiful green space right in the centre of campus (and of Newcastle city!).  It is a great place to take a moment to relax, to socialise with others, and even to tend to our university allotment. All are welcome to get involved with the allotment.  The space includes chillies and strawberries and our range of fruit trees are also growing well – not only providing a tasty harvest for us, but also for birds and other wildlife.

Ellison Terrace is also the primary location of Green Zone - our new garden project focusing on the importance of being outdoors, welfare and being sustainable. 

The scheme works closely with our fantastic student sustainability societies, the University Biodiversity Working Group, the Students’ Union and external partners to deliver a varied programme of events to help get people outdoors, supporting nature and supporting their well-being.

Recent events include:

  • Installation of the new greenhouse to help grow our new plants
  • Session with Mental Health Concern exploring ways to support mental health
  • Addition of Bug Hotels to Ellison Terrace 

You can find out about the latest opportunities on the Green Zone social media accounts:

Images of garden with fruit and flower in bloom.

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