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Dr Jill McKay

Associate Professor

Department: Applied Sciences

After completing her first degree in Medical Microbiology at Newcastle University, Jill joined the Human Nutrition Research Centre at Newcastle to undertake a PhD in Molecular Nutrition under the supervision of Prof. John Mathers. Jill continued her career at Newcastle University as a post-doctoral researcher and subsequently Lecturer in Molecular Epidemiology before joining Northumbria University as Senior Lecturer in 2018.

As a PhD student and post-doctoral researcher, Jill’s research interests focused on the developmental origins of health and disease. In this area she had a specific focus towards understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying associations observed between sub-optimum nutrition during early development and adverse adult health. During her early career, she utilised animal models and human cohorts to investigate these associations, using a range of molecular techniques including gene expression analysis (candidate specific and transcriptomic approaches), epigenetic analysis (DNA methylation assessment at the candidate and methylomic level) and genotyping. 

In her role as lecturer, Jill’s portfolio expanded to include interests in the developmental origins of childhood cancer (with specific interests in leukaemia) and obesity. More recently she has begun to develop mechanistic and long term outcome studies to help understand the underlying mechanisms and risk factors associated with treatment related toxicities and long term adverse effects for childhood cancer survivors.  

Jill McKay

Campus Address

447 Northumberland Building

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Jessica Saville Environmental determinants of chromosomal translocations and DNA methylation: towards identifying and understanding modifiable risk factors of childhood leukaemia Start Date: 01/10/2018 End Date: 23/06/2023

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