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Prof Hamdi Torun


Department: Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering

Hamdi Torun joined Northumbria University in 2017. Previously, he was an associate professor at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and affiliated with the Center for Life Sciences and Technologies at Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey. He is a co-founder and a board member of GlakoLens, a biomedical spinoff company. His research interests are in micro/nanotechnology especially for biomedical applications.

He received his B.S. degree from Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, in 2003, his M.S. degree from Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey, in 2005, and his Ph.D. degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA in 2009, all in electrical engineering. He was a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology during 2009-2010.

He received Technology Award from Elginkan Foundation, Turkey in 2016, Young Scientist Award from The Science Academy, Turkey in 2016, Innovator Under 35 Award from MIT Tech Review in 2014, and Marie Curie Fellowship (MC-IRG Grant) in 2011.

Hamdi Torun

Campus Address

Ellison Building
Room E404

Micro/Nanoengineering in development of sensors, actuators and systems integrated with microelectronic circuits and optical systems in application areas including biomolecular sensors, probe microscopy and detectors.  

Electromagnetic metamaterials covering microwave and terahertz frequencies with applications in sensing and imaging.

Acoustofluidics with applications in sensors and lab-on-chip devices.

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Acoustofluidic Patterning in Glass Capillaries Using Travelling Acoustic waves based on Thin Film Flexible Platform, Wang, Q., Maramizonouz, S., Stringer Martin, M., Zhang, J., Ong, H., Liu, Q., Yang, X., Rahmati, M., Torun, H., Ng, W., Wu, Q., Binns, R., Fu, Y. 1 Jan 2024, In: Ultrasonics
  • A first-in-human pilot study of a novel electrically-passive metamaterial-inspired resonator-based ocular sensor embedded contact lens monitoring intraocular pressure fluctuations  , Kaya, O., Ersoy, M., Teymoori, M., Erden, O., Sadeghzadeh, S., Dedeoglu, U., Demir, S., Muhikanci, O., Sahin, A., Torun, H., Dundar, G., Yalcinkaya, A. 1 Apr 2024, In: Contact Lens and Anterior Eye
  • A nanonewton force sensor using a U-shape tapered microfiber interferometer, Chen, L., Liu, B., Markwell, C., Liu, J., He, X., Ghassemlooy, Z., Torun, H., Fu, Y., Yuan, J., Liu, Q., Farrell, G., Wu, Q. 31 May 2024, In: Science advances
  • Capillary wave tweezer, Orme, B., Torun, H., Unthank, M., Fu, Y., Ford, B., Agrawal, P. 30 May 2024, In: Scientific Reports
  • Conformable, Wearable Embroidered Temperature Sensors for Real-Time Monitoring in Extreme Environments, Amers, E., Orme, B., Torun, H., Wood, D., Shi, Y., Nettleton-Parker, J., Dodd, L. 14 Jan 2024, In: Engineering Proceedings
  • Optically pumped solid-state maser with advanced antenna design, Long, S., Ford, B., Elsdon, M., Torun, H., Sathian, J. 12 Mar 2024, Integrated Optics, SPIE
  • An enhanced tilted-angle acoustic tweezer for mechanical phenotyping of cancer cells, Wang, H., Boardman, J., Zhang, X., Sun, C., Cai, M., Wei, J., Dong, z., Feng, M., Liang, D., Hu, S., Qian, Y., Dong, S., Fu, Y., Torun, H., Clayton, A., Wu, Z., Xie, Z., Yang, X. 15 May 2023, In: Analytica Chimica Acta
  • A Universal Interfacial Strategy Enabling Ultra-robust Gel Hybrids for Extreme Epidermal Bio-monitoring, Wang, Z., Wang, D., Liu, D., Han, X., Liu, X., Torun, H., Guo, Z., Duan, S., He, X., Zhang, X., Xu, B., Chen, F. 18 Jul 2023, In: Advanced Functional Materials
  • Biofilm inspired fabrication of functional bacterial cellulose through ex-situ and in-situ approaches, Gilmour, K., Aljannat, M., Markwell, C., James, P., Scott, J., Jiang, Y., Torun, H., Dade-Robertson, M., Zhang, M. 15 Mar 2023, In: Carbohydrate Polymers
  • Conductive polymer based hydrogels and their application in wearable sensors: a review, Liu, D., Huyan, C., Wang, Z., Guo, Z., Zhang, X., Torun, H., Mulvihill, D., Xu, B., Chen, F. 1 Aug 2023, In: Materials Horizons

  • Nicholas Theodorou Tunable Metasurface Absorbers Start Date: 01/10/2023
  • Shahrzad Zahertar Development of Electromagnetic Metamaterials and Surface Acoustic Wave Transducers on a Single Device Geometry Start Date: 01/10/2018 End Date: 24/03/2021
  • Steven Armstrong Evaporation of Sessile Droplets on Pinning-Free Surfaces Start Date: 24/07/2020 End Date: 21/01/2021

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering PhD January 04 2010
  • Fellow of Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining FIMMM 2022
  • Fellow (HEA) 2019

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