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Why study at Northumbria University

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Have you ever wondered why so many students choose Newcastle as their favourite place to study?

The City

I challenge you to come to Newcastle and not love it; the stunning architecture, amazing views and winding roads that connect it all are like nowhere else. It’s also a great student city, with a fantastic atmosphere throughout, especially during the week when it’s filled with students. Some of you from outside of Newcastle, may think that our University is based outside the city, but we are actually based right in the heart of it. It only takes around 5 minutes to walk to the city centre from our campus. In my spare time between lectures, I often go to my favourite restaurant or café in the city centre to grab a bite to eat, and I can still be back within 30-40 minutes.

An image of Grainger Street in Newcastle, UK showing crowds of people on a sunny day

The Coast

Growing up in Belarus I had only ever visited lakes and rivers; I’ve always dreamed of living near the sea. Thankfully, it only takes around 20 minutes by metro to get to one of several lovely coastal towns that rest upon our gorgeous stretch of the North Sea. South Shields is a popular spot, with a beautiful beach, impressive dunes, and stunning cliffs. It is common to see people running here with their dogs and enjoying those sunny days. Tynemouth is also a great spot along the coast to spend the day. The fish and chips are exceptional and the small cliff side beach, King Edwards Bay, could almost be Mediterranean!

An image of Longsands Beach at Tynemouth, UK. Showing blue skies with white fluffy clouds, small waves and some colourful surfboards laid out on the sand

The Night Life

The night life in Newcastle is known to be one of the finest in the UK. The city can cater to all your needs, no matter what you’re looking for. If you want a straight up good time with great drinks and loud music, then you’ll love places like Perdu or Digital. If you’re into techno or bass music, then you’ve got Cosmic Ballroom and World HQ. If you’re an Indie head, then you’ll be headed to places like the CUT.

The Students’ Union

If you are looking for a more relaxed night out, Northumbria has an excellent Students’ Union bar called Habita. The bar is always busy with students during both day and night. It has great deals on food and drink, making it the perfect place to grab a bite to eat during the day, or to unwind with your friends in the evening.

An image of three students round a table in the students union. a male student on the left is smiling at two female students, there are coffee cups on the table and a light up sign in the background says be social

The Facilities

One of the standout points for me, is Northumbria University’s facilities that are available for students to use. It has great industrial equipment, Bloomberg terminals, high end PC’s and Macs, engineering machines and much more. Also, Sport Central at Northumbria is known to be one of the best in the UK. We have a swimming pool, a sauna, a steamroom, a gym, exercise studio and more.

The Library

The library is the perfect place to do your work. It’s open 24/7, meaning whenever you’re ready to start that project, the library will be there for you. I would recommend the basement for late night work, but the first floor is the main hub. And don’t forget the books! The library has a massive variety of books on many different subjects, so it’s the perfect place to go and work on big projects.

What have I learnt about Newcastle since studying here?

Newcastle is a city for everyone. With high diversity of different nationalities and cultures, an amazing nightlife and a warm city filled with amazing people, I am confident that you would feel at home.



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