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  • Collaborative policy making and sustainable rural enterprise: Case study of Tyne Valley Community Rail Partnership, Wilson-Youlden, L. 17 Jun 2019, 17th Rural Entrepreneurship Conference
  • Women tourism entrepreneurs and the survival of family farms in North East England, Wilson-Youlden, L., Bosworth, G. 11 Sep 2019, In: Journal of Rural and Community Development
  • Exploring the roles of women in the development and management of multi-functionality on family farms, Wilson-Youlden, L. 14 Jun 2017, 15th Rural Entrepreneurship Conference
  • The Farm Host: Constructing Rural Hospitality, Wilson-Youlden, L. 25 Nov 2017, International Journal of Culture & Tourism
  • The journey from farmer's wife to small business owner, Wilson-Youlden, L. 15 Jun 2016, 14th Rural Entrepreneurship Conference
  • An investigation of the challenges & barriers experienced by female providers of rural farm hospitality, Wilson-Youlden, L. Jun 2013, Newcastle Business School Doctoral Conference
  • Farm Hospitality: An Investigation of 'lived' experience in the diversification of small scale farming, Wilson-Youlden, L. Jun 2013, Newcastle University Doctoral Methodology Conference
  • Review of extant research on gender and motivation for the farm hospitality businesses, Wilson-Youlden, L., Coates, N. Sep 2011, British Academy of Management Annual Conference (BAM 2011): Building and Sustaining High Performance Organisations in a Challenging Environment

Tourism PhD July 20 2015

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