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Apprenticeships Welcome

We give a warm welcome to all learners joining us on innovative and work-based programmes that integrate theory with practice.

Please expand the sections below for details of the essential actions you need to take to get your journey with us off to the best start.

Essential Actions

Please expand the sections below:

You must be enrolled in order to study at the University. Full enrolment provides access to systems and teaching timetables, you are advised to complete enrolment as soon as possible. You must aim to enrol and arrive by your course start date and are expected to attend programme induction activities. If you fail to enrol by your course enrolment deadline, your record will be closed for non-enrolment.  

How to enrol

You can complete the full enrolment process online by logging on to your Student Portal, selecting Enrol from the main menu and following the instructions.

You will need your username and password, which you should have already received by email, and have a digital passport-style photograph ready to upload for your University Smartcard. When you have completed this process successfully you will receive a confirmation email to your University email account. Please see the guide below for full details:

What is my Northumbria University IT Account?

Every student at Northumbria University has their own IT account. You will be allocated an IT account when you enrol on your course. 

Your IT account is personal to you, and you will use it throughout your studies here at Northumbria University. Your IT account details, such as your password, should never be shared with anyone.

Your IT account will enable you to access the IT systems and software that you will use during your studies. As well as logging in to computers on campus, your IT account is used to log in to resources such as:

  • Blackboard - Northumbria University’s online learning platform.
  • Your Student Portal - the online hub where you can get information, help and support.
  • - where you can access your University emails and save your important files.
  • NU Connect - Northumbria University’s free mobile app.

How do I get access to my account?

Your Northumbria username and password can be found in your welcome email from Northumbria University Enrolment. To access your account safely, you will also need to enrol with Duo, the multi-factor authentication software we use here at Northumbria - see below for details.

If you forget your username or password, you can contact IT Support

Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) offers an extra layer of protection for your Northumbria account and the files and devices associated with it. With Duo, at the point of logging in to your Northumbria account, a prompt will be sent through to your personal device where you can approve log in. Please see our Guide to enrolling with Duo here.

Please see our Digital Induction for Students page for more information.

Accessing your timetable is a vital part of getting started at Northumbria - it will tell you when and where your classes and sessions are and help you to plan your time in and outside of University. This includes your induction timetable for your first week with us - please ensure you attend all of these sessions to get your journey with us off to the best start!

Your timetable is available to view online by following this link:

You will need to login using your Northumbria student email address and password to view your timetable - we strongly recommend you bookmark the page. You can also view your timetable using the NU Connect App and your Student Portal. See below for full guidance. 

Your Student Smartcard is a vital part of getting started at Northumbria. As well as your student identification, your Smartcard gives you access to University buildings and services, registers your attendance, is you University Library card and much more. 

We are currently scheduling Smartcard collection slots for students joining us in January 2024 - please check back soon for details!

We understand that it can be daunting starting somewhere new but please be assured we are here to help and support you through every step of your journey with us.

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