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Dr Thibault Congy

Assistant Professor

Department: Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering

I obtained a PhD in Theoretical Physics in 2017 from the university of Paris-Saclay. Under the supervision of Prof. N. Pavloff, I investigated in my thesis nonlinear waves in Bose-Einstein condensates.
I then moved to Loughborough for a postdoc at the Mathematical Sciences department. I joined Northumbria University as a Research Fellow in 2018 and became a Lecturer in 2020.

My research is devoted dispersive hydrodynamics, a domain of Applied Mathematics and Physics concerned with fluid or fluid-like motion in which dissipation, e.g. viscosity, is negligible relative to wave dispersion.

Thibault Congy

Dispersive hydrodynamics; Soliton; Bose-Einstein condensate

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  • Topological Constraints on the Dynamics of Vortex Formation in a Two-Dimensional Quantum Fluid, Congy, T., Azam, P., Kaiser, R., Pavloff, N. 19 Jan 2024, In: Physical Review Letters
  • Dispersive hydrodynamics of soliton condensates for the Korteweg-de Vries equation, Congy, T., El, G., Roberti, G., Tovbis, A. 19 Sep 2023, In: Journal of Nonlinear Science
  • Statistics of extreme events in integrable turbulence, Congy, T., El, G., Roberti, G., Tovbis, A., Randoux, S., Suret, P. 21 Dec 2023, In: Physical Review Letters
  • Dispersive Riemann problems for the Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation, Congy, T., El, G., Hoefer, M., Shearer, M. 1 Oct 2021, In: Studies in Applied Mathematics
  • Soliton gas in bidirectional dispersive hydrodynamics, Congy, T., El, G., Roberti, G. Apr 2021, In: Physical Review E
  • Interaction of linear modulated waves and unsteady dispersive hydrodynamic states with application to shallow water waves, Congy, T., El, G., Hoefer, M. 25 Sep 2019, In: Journal of Fluid Mechanics
  • Nonlinear Schrödinger equations and the universal description of dispersive shock wave structure, Congy, T., El, G., Hoefer, M., Shearer, M. 1 Apr 2019, In: Studies in Applied Mathematics
  • Evolution of initial discontinuities in the Riemann problem for the Kaup-Boussinesq equation with positive dispersion, Congy, T., Ivanov, S., Kamchatnov, A., Pavloff, N. Aug 2017, In: Chaos
  • Solution of the Riemann problem for polarization waves in a two-component Bose-Einstein condensate, Ivanov, S., Kamchatnov, A., Congy, T., Pavloff, N. 11 Dec 2017, In: Physical Review E
  • The Riemann problem for nonlinear polarization waves in two-component Bose–Einstein condensates, Congy, T., Ivanov, S., Kamchatnov, A., Pavloff, N. 2017, Rencontre du Non-Linéaire

Michael Armstrong Soliton gas in Bose-Einstein condensate: when waves act like particles Start Date: 01/10/2023

Physics PhD September 29 2017

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