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Dr Andrew Nelson

Senior Lecturer

Department: Applied Sciences

Andrew Nelson

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  • Addressing pandemic-wide systematic errors in the SARS-CoV-2 phylogeny, Hunt, M., Hinrichs, A., Anderson, D., Karim, L., Dearlove, B., Knaggs, J., Constantinides, B., Fowler, P., Rodger, G., Street, T., Lumley, S., Webster, H., Sanderson, T., Ruis, C., de Maio, N., Amenga-Etego, L., Amuzu, D., Avaro, M., Awandare, G., Ayivor-Djanie, R., Bashton, M., Batty, E., Bediako, Y., De Belder, D., Benedetti, E., Bergthaler, A., Boers, S., Campos, J., Carr, R., Cuba, F., Dattero, M., Dejnirattisai, W., Dilthey, A., Duedu, K., Endler, L., Engelmann, I., Francisco, N., Fuchs, J., Gnimpieba, E., Groc, S., Gyamfi, J., Heemskerk, D., Houwaart, T., Hsiao, N., Huska, M., Hölzer, M., Iranzadeh, A., Jarva, H., Jeewandara, C., Jolly, B., Joseph, R., Kant, R., Ki, K., Kurkela, S., Lappalainen, M., Lataretu, M., Liu, C., Malavige, G., Mashe, T., Mongkolsapaya, J., Montes, B., Mora, J., Morang’a, C., Mvula, B., Nagarajan, N., Nelson, A., Ngoi, J., da Paixão, J., Panning, M., Poklepovich, T., Quashie, P., Ranasinghe, D., Russo, M., San, J., Sanderson, N., Scaria, V., Screaton, G., Sironen, T., Sisay, A., Smith, D., Smura, T., Supasa, P., Suphavilai, C., Swann, J., Tegally, H., Tegomoh, B., Vapalahti, O., Walker, A., Wilkinson, R., Williamson, C., de Oliveira, T., Peto, T., Crook, D., Corbett-Detig, R., Iqbal, Z. 30 Apr 2024
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  • Influence of maternal folate depletion on Art3 DNA methylation in the murine adult brain: potential consequences for brain and neurocognitive health, Kok, D., Saunders, R., Nelson, A., Smith, D., Ford, D., Mathers, J., McKay, J. 1 May 2024, In: Mutagenesis
  • Phylogenomic analyses of multidrug resistant Corynebacterium striatum strains isolated from patients in a tertiary care hospital in the UK, Sangal, V., Marrs, E., Nelson, A., Perry, J. 27 May 2024, In: European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
  • Prevalence of persistent SARS-CoV-2 in a large community surveillance study, Ghafari, M., Hall, M., Golubchik, T., Ayoubkhani, D., House, T., MacIntyre-Cockett, G., Fryer, H., Thomson, L., Nurtay, A., Kemp, S., Ferretti, L., Buck, D., Green, A., Trebes, A., Lonie, L., Piazza, P., Studley, R., Rourke, E., Smith, D., Bashton, M., Nelson, A., Crown, M., McCann, C., Young, G., Santos, R., Richards, Z., Tariq, M., Cahuantzi, R., Barrett, J., Fraser, C., Bonsall, D., Walker, A., Lythgoe, K. 29 Feb 2024, In: Nature
  • The long and short of it: benchmarking viromics using Illumina, Nanopore and PacBio sequencing technologies, Cook, R., Brown, N., Rihtman, B., Michniewski, S., Redgwell, T., Clokie, M., Stekel, D., Chen, Y., Scanlan, D., Hobman, J., Nelson, A., Jones, M., Smith, D., Millard, A. 20 Feb 2024, In: Microbial genomics
  • Combining viral genomics and clinical data to assess risk factors for severe COVID-19 (mortality, ICU admission, or intubation) amongst hospital patients in a large acute UK NHS hospital Trust, Foxley-Marrable, M., D'Cruz, L., Meredith, P., Glaysher, S., Beckett, A., Goudarzi, S., Fearn, C., Cook, K., Loveson, K., Dent, H., Paul, H., Elliott, S., Wyllie, S., Lloyd, A., Bicknell, K., Lumley, S., McNicholas, J., Prytherch, D., Lundgren, A., Graur, O., Chauhan, A., Robson, S., Bashton, M., Smith, D., Nelson, A., Young, G. 23 Mar 2023, In: PLoS One
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  • Lineage replacement and evolution captured by 3 years of the United Kingdom Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey, Lythgoe, K., Golubchik, T., Hall, M., House, T., Cahuantzi, R., MacIntyre-Cockett, G., Fryer, H., Thomson, L., Nurtay, A., Ghafani, M., Buck, D., Green, A., Trebes, A., Piazza, P., Lonie, L., Studley, R., Rourke, E., Smith, D., Bashton, M., Nelson, A., Crown, M., McCann, C., Young, G., Andre Nunes Dos Santos, R., Richards, Z., Tariq, A., Fraser, C., Diamond, I., Barrett, J., Walker, A., Bonsall, D. 25 Oct 2023, In: Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Jasmine Jessop ‘Interaction of phages and the microbiome at the preterm infant gut mucosal interface’ Start Date: 01/10/2021

  • Microbiology PhD September 01 2007
  • Biomedical Scientist Health & Care Professional Council (HCPC) 2013
  • Early Career Scientist Society for General Microbiology (SGM) 2013

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