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Dr Pam Alfonso-Miller

Senior Research Assistant

Department: Psychology

Pam Alfonso-Miller

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  • Chronotype and social support among student athletes: impact on depressive symptoms, Wills, C., Ghani, S., Tubbs, A., Fernandez, F., Athey, A., Turner, R., Robbins, R., Patterson, F., Warlick, C., Alfonso-Miller, P., Killgore, W., Grandner, M. 2 Sep 2021, In: Chronobiology International
  • Patterns of Eating Associated with Sleep Characteristics: A Pilot Study among Individuals of Mexican Descent at the US-Mexico Border, Ghani, S., Delgadillo, M., Granados, K., Okuagu, A., Wills, C., Alfonso-Miller, P., Buxton, O., Patel, S., Ruiz, J., Parthasarathy, S., Haynes, P., Molina, P., Seixas, A., Jean-Louis, G., Grandner, M. 31 Mar 2021, In: Behavioral Sleep Medicine
  • A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of a polyphenol botanical blend on sleep and daytime functioning, Tubbs, A., Kennedy, K., Alfonso-Miller, P., Wills, C., Grandner, M. 16 Mar 2021, In: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
  • What makes people want to make changes to their sleep? Assessment of perceived risks of insufficient sleep as a predictor of intent to improve sleep, Khader, W., Fernandez, F., Seixas, A., Knowlden, A., Ellis, J., Williams, N., Hale, L., Branas, C., Perlis, M., Jean-Louis, G., Killgore, W., Alfonso-Miller, P., Grandner, M. 1 Feb 2021, In: Sleep Health
  • Sleep problems are associated with academic performance in a national sample of collegiate athletes, Turner, R., Vissa, K., Hall, C., Poling, K., Athey, A., Alfonso-Miller, P., Gehrels, J., Grandner, M. 2 Jan 2021, In: Journal of American College Health
  • Testing an early online intervention for the treatment of disturbed sleep during the COVID-19 pandemic (Sleep COVID-19), Elder, G., Alfonso-Miller, P., Atkinson, W., Santhi, N., Ellis, J. Dec 2020, In: Trials
  • Smoke at night and sleep worse? The associations between cigarette smoking with insomnia severity and sleep duration, PhD, A., Rhee, J., Haynes, P., Chakravorty, S., Patterson, F., Killgore, W., Gallagher, R., Hale, L., Branas, C., Carrazco, N., Alfonso-Miller, P., Gehrels, J., Grandner, M. 1 Apr 2021, In: Sleep Health
  • Acculturation associated with sleep duration, sleep quality, and sleep disorders at the US–Mexico border, Ghani, S., Delgadillo, M., Granados, K., Okuagu, A., Alfonso-Miller, P., Buxton, O., Patel, S., Ruiz, J., Parthasarathy, S., Haynes, P., Molina, P., Seixas, A., Williams, N., Jean-Louis, G., Grandner, M. 29 Sep 2020, In: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
  • Onset insomnia and insufficient sleep duration are associated with suicide ideation in university students and athletes, Khader, W., Tubbs, A., Haghighi, A., Athey, A., Killgore, W., Hale, L., Perlis, M., Gehrels, J., Alfonso-Miller, P., Fernandez, F., Grandner, M. 1 Sep 2020, In: Journal of Affective Disorders
  • Quantifying impact of real-world barriers to sleep: The Brief Index of Sleep Control (BRISC), Grandner, M., Olivier, K., Gallagher, R., Hale, L., Barrett, M., Branas, C., Killgore, W., Parthasarathy, S., Gehrels, J., Alfonso-Miller, P. 1 Oct 2020, In: Sleep Health

Medicine PhD January 01 2007

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