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Dr Yolanda Sanchez Vicente

Assistant Professor

Department: Mechanical and Construction Engineering

Dr Yolanda Sanchez Vicente joined the Mechanical Engineering Department at Northumbria University in 2019. Previously to her current position, she spent four years as a Research Fellow in the Chemical Engineering Department at Imperial College London (UK). Her work was carried out as part of the Qatar Carbonates and Carbon Storage Research Centre (QCCSRC). In 2012, she was awarded a two-year fellowship in Spain as part of the Campus of International Excellency at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). Earlier, in 2009, she worked as a postdoc at the University of Nottingham, where she participated in three UK projects: COZOC, MATTRAN and COOLTRANS projects. She earned a PhD in Green Chemistry from the UCM in 2008, and she graduated in Chemical Engineering from the University of Castilla la Mancha (Spain) in 2002.

Yolanda Sanchez Vicente

Her research interest involved measuring and modelling thermodynamic properties, developing sustainable processes using supercritical fluids, and synthesis of new materials. They have included four main fields of physical chemistry, engineering, green chemistry, and materials.

Measurement and modelling of thermodynamic properties. Knowledge of thermophysical properties of fluid mixtures across extended temperature and pressure ranges is critical for designing and optimising many industrial processes such as carbon capture and storage. In particular, she has performed experimental studies about densities, viscosities, speed of sound and phase behaviour of CO2 mixtures using in-house apparatus.  The data measured have been used to model or optimise empirical correlations and theoretical models such as SAFT. 

Sustainable process using supercritical fluids. Supercritical carbon dioxide is considered a green solvent for both separation and reaction processes due to its accessible critical parameters (Tc = 304.1 K, Pc = 7.38 MPa), non-toxicity, low cost and non-flammability. In this area, she has worked on the supercritical extraction of natural products such as microalgae biomass.

Synthesis of new materials. In the field of material, she has investigated the modification of the silica surface with amino groups using supercritical carbon dioxide to develop material for adsorption or catalysis applications. Currently, she supervises a PhD project in "multifunctional antimicrobial sensor fabrics for patient's healthcare".

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Effect of Processing Methods on The Electrical Conductivity Properties of Silver-Polyurethane Composite Films (Experimental and Numerical Studies), Mehvari, S., Goodhew, B., González Sanchez, S., Lafdi, K., Sanchez Vicente, Y. 1 Dec 2023, In: Journal of Composite Materials
  • Conductivity Behaviour under Pressure of Copper Micro-Additive/Polyurethane Composites (Experimental and Modelling), Mehvari, S., Sanchez Vicente, Y., Gonzalez Sanchez, S., Lafdi, K. 23 Mar 2022, In: Polymers
  • Effect of the Vertical Pressure on the Electrical Behaviour of the Micro-Copper Polyurethane Composite Films, Mehvari, S., Sanchez Vicente, Y., González, S., Lafdi, K. 4 Nov 2022, In: International Journal of Chemical and Materials Engineering
  • Measurements and Modelling of Vapour−Liquid Equilibrium for (H 2 O + N 2 ) and (CO 2 + H 2 O + N 2 ) Systems at Temperatures between 323 and 473 K and Pressures up to 20 MPa, Sanchez-Vicente, Y., Trusler, J. 26 May 2022, In: Energies
  • Saturated Phase Densities of (CO2 + Methylcyclohexane) at Temperatures from (298 to 448) K and Pressures up to the Critical Pressure, Sanchez Vicente, Y., Trusler, J. 13 Jan 2022, In: Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data
  • Density and Phase Behavior of the CO2 + Methylbenzene System in Wide Ranges of Temperatures and Pressures, Sanchez-Vicente, Y., Tay, W., Al Ghafri, S., Efika, E., Trusler, J. 15 Apr 2020, In: Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
  • Functionalization of Silica SBA-15 with [3-(2-Aminoethylamino)Propyl] Trimethoxysilane in Supercritical CO2 Modified with Methanol or Ethanol for Carbon Capture, Sánchez-Vicente, Y., Stevens, L., Pando, C., Cabañas, A. 6 Nov 2020, In: Energies
  • Speeds of Sound in n-Pentane at Temperatures from 233.50 to 473.15 K at Pressures up to 390 MPa, Scholz, C., Sanchez-Vicente, Y., Tananilgul, T., Thol, M., Trusler, J., Richter, M. 9 Jul 2020, In: Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data
  • Viscosities of Liquid Hexadecane at Temperatures between 323 K and 673 K and Pressures up to 4 MPa Measured Using a Dual-Capillary Viscometer, Sanchez Vicente, Y., Emerson, I., Glover, R., Herbage, O., Susial Martin, R., Trusler, J. 14 Feb 2019, In: Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data
  • Thermodynamics of carbon dioxide-hydrocarbon systems, Sanchez Vicente, Y., Tay, W., Al Ghafri, S., Trusler, J. 15 Jun 2018, In: Applied Energy

  • Tesfay Berhe Gebreegziabher Biomass-based Carbon Materials for Hydrogen Storage Start Date: 01/10/2022
  • Saeid Mehvari Multifunctional antimicrobial sensor fabrics for patient's healthcare Start Date: 18/01/2021

Chemistry PhD June 30 2008

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