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Prof Zhanhu Guo


Department: Mechanical and Construction Engineering

Dr. Guo is a Full Professor of Mechanical & Construction Engineering at Northumbria University Newcastle upon Tyne in England.

Professor Guo is the director of the Integrated Composites Laboratory (ICL) and is the editor-in-chief of Advanced Composites and Hybrid Materials ( ).  He has years of mixed industrial and academic experience, serving many reputed academic societies (ESS, ASME, AIChE, RSC, ECS, IoM3, IES etc.) across the world as prestige fellowship holder.   

Zhanhu Guo

Fellow of Indian Chemical Society

Fellow of Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (FIMMM)

Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC)

Fellow of Engineered Science Society (FESS)

Editor-in-Chief of Advanced Composites and Hybrid Materials 

President of Composites Division in American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE (2010-2011)

Senior Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

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  • Activation of inert triethylene tetramine-cured epoxy by sub-critical water decomposition, Gong, X., Liu, Y., Ibrahim, M., Zhang, H., Amin, M., Ma, Y., Xu, B., Algadi, H., Wasnik, P., El-Bahy, Z., Guo, Z. 1 Dec 2023, In: Reactive and Functional Polymers
  • Advances in triboelectric nanogenerator technology—applications in self-powered sensors, Internet of things, biomedicine, and blue energy, Jiang, D., Lian, M., Xu, M., Sun, Q., Xu, B., Thabet, H., El-Bahy, S., Ibrahim, M., Huang, M., Guo, Z. 1 Apr 2023, In: Advanced Composites and Hybrid Materials
  • Advancing pressure sensors performance through a flexible MXene embedded interlocking structure in a microlens array, Li, T., Xu, Z., Xu, B., Guo, Z., Jiang, Y., Zhang, X., Bayati, M., Liu, T., Liu, Y. 1 Jul 2023, In: Nano Research
  • A furan-containing biomimetic multiphase structure for strong and supertough sustainable adhesives, Wang, H., Shi, X., Xie, Y., Gao, S., Dai, Y., Lai, C., Zhang, D., Wang, C., Guo, Z., Chu, F. 19 Apr 2023, In: Cell Reports Physical Science
  • A Multifunctional Asymmetric Fabric for Sustained Electricity Generation from Multiple Sources and Simultaneous Solar Steam Generation, Sun, S., Li, H., Zhang, M., Sun, B., Xie, Y., Zhou, W., Yang, P., Mi, H., Guo, Z., Liu, C., Shen, C. 15 Nov 2023, In: Small
  • A Multifunctional Wood‐Derived Separator Towards the Problems of Semi‐Open System in Lithium‐Oxygen Batteries, Zhang, G., Zhang, D., Yang, R., Du, Y., Wang, N., Guo, Z., Mai, X., Dang, F. 2 Oct 2023, In: Advanced Functional Materials
  • An Overview of Metal-organic Framework Based Electrocatalysts: Design and Synthesis for Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution, Oxygen Evolution, and Carbon Dioxide Reduction Reactions, Guo, Z., Xu, B., Jegan, G., Hou, H., Ren, J., Rajeswaran, K., Kathiresan, M., Iniyan, S., Deshmukh, S., Suryanarayanan, V., Murugadoss, V. 10 Nov 2023, In: Chemical Record
  • An overview of metal-organic frameworks and their magnetic composites for the removal of pollutants, Wang, C., Liu, X., Yang, T., Sridhar, D., Algadi, H., Xu, B., El-Bahy, Z., Li, H., Ma, Y., Li, T., Guo, Z. 1 Sep 2023, In: Separation and Purification Technology
  • An overview of polymer foaming assisted by supercritical fluid, Dong, M., Wang, G., Zhang, X., Tan, D., Kumar D, J., Ren, J., Colorado, H., Hou, H., Toktarbay, Z., Guo, Z. 1 Dec 2023, In: Advanced Composites and Hybrid Materials
  • A Roadmap Review of Thermally Conductive Polymer Composites: Critical Factors, Progress and Prospects, Wang, Z., Wu, Z., Wang, L., Ge, S., Jiang, D., Huang, M., Mulvihill, D., Chen, Q., Guo, Z., Jazzar, A., He, X., Zhang, X., Xu, B. 5 Sep 2023, In: Advanced Functional Materials

Saddick Donkor Design and development of sustainable coating for anticorrosion of metal pipes Start Date: 01/10/2023

Chemical Engineering PhD December 01 2005

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